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by Rabbi Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr

In this, the final parsha of the Torah, there is a very curious word, אשדת, pronounced “Eshdat.” The word does not occur at any other time in the entire Tanakh. read more »
by Rabbi Chaim Sunitsky


In this parsha we read about the blessings of the twelve tribes. In the blessing of Reuben Moshe says: “Let Reuben live and not die …” This statement is quite puzzling but even more surprising is the Targum[1 read more »
by Rabbi Chaim Sunitsky


В этой главе мы читаем о благословениях двенадцати племен. В благословении Рубена Моше говорит: "Пусть будет Рубен жив и не умрет …" Это утверждение является весьма озадачивающим, но еще более удивителен стан read more »
by Rabbi Zev Leff

The Blessing of Self Knowledge

"...Each according to his own blessing." (Genesis 49 28)

The Sages tell us that Jacob wished to reveal the keitz, the time of the final redemption, to his sons, but it was concealed fr read more »

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