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by Rabbi Eli Mansour

We read in Parashat Vayakhel of Beneh Yisrael’s generous and enthusiastic response to Moshe’s call for donations of materials for the construction of the Mishkan. The people came in droves, joyfully parting with their preciou read more »
by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

This is the accounting of the Mishkan . . . (Shemos 38:21)

In a normal Jewish leap year we would have read the Haftarah for this week’s parshah about the dedication of the Temple in Shlomo HaMelech’s time, connected to read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

The berachot and how to get your prayers answered. read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Parashat Vayakhel begins with Moshe assembling Beneh Yisrael and conveying to them the command to observe Shabbat, singling out in particular the prohibition against lighting fires on Shabbat: “Do not kindle a fire in any of read more »
This week, in addition to the regular Parsha, we read Parshas Shekalim. Parshas Shekalim is the first of the four special Shabbosim preceding Pesach when additional portions from the Torah are read. Shekalim is read on the Shabbos that precedes the read more »
"These are the accounts of the Mishkan..." (38:21)

QUESTION: The Torah is careful not to repeat a word or write an
extra letter. Hence, the parshiot of Vayakheil and Pekudei which
are a repitition of Terumah and Tetzaveh should ha read more »
Life's Journeys

The last parshah of the Second of the Five Books of Moses, ends with
the words "with all their journeys."[1]

The Midrash says[2] that the whole second volume of the Torah
describes Am Yisrael moving from darkness into ligh read more » presents this shiur (class) on Parshat Vayakhel. Mrs. Shira Smiles focuses on the description of the kior, the sink, which was made of mirrors donated by the women. read more »
And Moshe assembled the entire Israelite community." (35:1)

QUESTION: What message does Parshat Vayakheil impart to every

ANSWER: Generally, the parshiyot Vayakheil and Pekudei are read
together. Vayakheil, "And you shall gath read more »
Parting The Curtain

We have learned that the Mishkan parallels a Jew's neshamah, in that
it is our task to make a suitable dwelling place for HaShem in our
hearts. This is one's own avodah, accomplished by one's service to
HaShem. This week read more »

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