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by Rabbi Eli Mansour

One of the sacrifices discussed in Parashat Sav is the Korban Toda, or thanksgiving offering. A person who emerged safely from certain dangerous situations – illness, captivity, desert travel or an overseas trip – was require read more »
Sections of the laws of sacrifices detail how to dispose of what is not eaten or burnt as part of the Korban. It opens:

צַו אֶת אַהֲרֹן וְאֶת בָּנָיו לֵאמֹר זֹאת תּוֹרַת הָעֹלָה – Command Aaron and his sons, saying, This is the law of the burnt o read more »
by Ariel Bar Tzadok

These are the wise words of the Sages. Contemplate them and learn from them their overt and secret meanings.

Kefitzat HaDerekh - Shortening the Way - by Rabbi Hayim Vital, Ma'amar Psiyotav Shel Avraham Avinu

"Man is a read more »
Rabbi Raymond Beyda read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Miracles and things happen - learn to spot them. read more »
Parshas Tzav introduces the laws of the Korban Todah [Thanksgiving offering] [Vayikra 7:12]. Rashi explains that a Todah offering is brought by "someone who experienced a personal miracle". Rashi gives as examples of such – one who traveled on the read more »
Note: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section is called an Aliya [literally: Go up] since for each Aliya, one person "goes up" to make a bracha [blessing] on the Torah Reading.

1st Aliya: Additional instructions regar read more »
By Rabbi Pinchas Winston

G-d spoke to Moshe and Aharon saying, "This is the statute of the Torah which G-d commanded, saying, 'Speak to the Children of Israel, that they should take for you a Red Heifer ...'." (Bamidbar 19:1)

This week we read more »
by Rabbi Berel Wein

The word “tzav” itself conveys much of the basic message of Judaism and the traditions of Torah life. Even though we live, or believe that we do, in a world of ultimate free choice and personal autonomy, the structure of all read more »
by Rabbi Abraham Niyazov

HaShem commands the Jewish people: "An eternal flame should always be kept burning on the altar; it should never be extinguished."

The fire on the mizbeach (altar) where the sacrifices were offered should always read more »

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