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by Rabbi Eli Mansour

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HASHEM, I don't mean to complain, but you owe me. I mean, just look at everything I do for you. I daven. I put on tefilin. I eat only kosher. It's not easy, you know. When I'm on the road, there are times when I can barely find a snack. But more read more »
This week's parashah opens with the dedication of the Mishkan and the death of Aharon's two eldest sons. Following that tragedy, Moshe and Aharon enter into a discussion regarding the propriety of Aharon's remaining sons, who are mourners, eating read more »
It was on the eighth day... And Moshe said to Aharon, 'Come near to
the altar.' " (9:1,7)

QUESTION: When the Mishkan was completed, Moshe acted as Kohen
Gadol for seven days and trained Aharon. On the eighth day Aharon
became th read more »
by Rabbi Ya'aqob Menasheh

"Moses summoned Aharon". The Acronym of the first letters of the Hebrew words Qara Moshe LeAharon is the word Maqel (rod). Maqel is the same Gematria as Nissan (which is 170). Additionally, the last letters of the na read more »
There is an interesting Baal HaTurim at the beginning of Parshas Shmini. The first pasuk of the parsha reads, "Vayehi baYom haShmini" [And it was on the eighth day] "karah Moshe" [Moshe called] "to Aaron and his sons, and to the elders of Israe read more »
by Rabbi Berel Wein

In the face of overwhelming tragedy, the death of his two sons, Aharon is nevertheless reprimanded by Moshe for a seeming infraction of the halacha regarding the eating from a sacrifice while one is yet grief-stricken over the read more »
by Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair


On the eighth day of the dedication of the Mishkan, Aharon, his sons, and the entire nation bring various korbanot (offerings) as commanded by Moshe. Aharon and Moshe bless the nation. G-d allows the Je read more »
By Rabbi Label Lam

From these shall you abominate from among the birds, they may not be eaten- they are an abomination…the racham (mercy); the chassidah (kindliness)…(Vayaikra 11:13-19)

Even though these birds have certain signs of purity th read more »

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