By Ariel Bar Tzadok

I admit it, right now from the start, I'm a "good old rebel," a gosh-darn, proud, tried n'true "Grey-coat" Johnny Reb. There you have it! Not only am I darn proud of being a rebel, I believe that it is the moral and civi read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Is there are a connection between Korah & Kayin? Can it be reincarnation. Listen to this audio shiur for great insight. read more »
Midrash of the Week is a weekly d'var Torah by Mrs. Ilana Goldstein Saks, This week: An analysis of Korach’s mocking story in Midrash Tehillim 1. read more »
by Rabbi Naftali Reich

There was never any question as to who was right and who was wrong. When Korach challenged Moses for the leadership of the Jewish people, it was a brazen attempt to usurp a position to which he had no right. Hashem had chos read more »
by Rabbi Label Lam

And Korach took... (Bamidbar 16:2)

We need not go further than the first words to figure out the tragic flaw that foiled Korach. He was a taker. If the Torah had not revealed this to us, we too might have been taken by his r read more »
The Weekly Rashi podcast by Mrs. Ilana Goldstein Saks, read more »
Parasha Korah by: Rabbi Danny Tawil - Madison Torah Center - 2221 Ave R Brooklyn
In the "Shema" prayer that we say everyday it states that we are to love G-d with all our hearts. The word for heart in Hebrew is usually spelled with one "Bet", w read more »
Sivan 29 5770
June 11 2010
Parashah Korach / candlelighting 8:08

Why did Moshe Rabenu who was full of Rahmanut (mercy) for all of Yisrael ask Hashem for Korah and all of his followers to be swallowed by the earth?Send all answers,ques read more »
Learn How To Disagree.

by Chazak Weekly

A man comes home from work later than expected and sees
that the house is on the ‘dirty side.’ “Why did you get home so
late?” asks the wife emphatically.
“Why am I late?” responds the husband. “You read more »
"Much can come from the woman"
Women's Corner
by Rabbanith Ruth Menashe

The story of Qorah and his followers reveals to us the power embedded within each one of us.

Who ignited the fire of jealousy in the heart of Qorah, an important man read more »
Qorah: Unity and diligence are key
by Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe

(Links to the audio appear after the text)

It brought forth a blossom, sprouted a bud, and almonds ripened. (Bamidbar 17:23)

It says in Ben Ish Hai Derashoth that the reason tha read more »
And as for Aharon - what is he that you protest against him? (16:11)

In the Talmud Eiruvin 65b, Chazal say that a person is recognized by: koso, the way he holds his liquor; kiso, his wallet, i.e. how he spends his money and the manner in which h read more »
Parshat Korach: True Motivations by Rabbi Shimon Felix, WebYeshiva. Does Korach have a point? Are his motivations sefless or self interest? read more »

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What is shiur?
Remembering Chacham Ovadiah Yosef zt"l
Why Yaakov Avinu switched hands while blessing Joseph's children?

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