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by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Our Sages teach that the divine Name of “Havaya,” which is spelled with the letters “Yod,” “Heh,” “Vav” and “Heh,” is the source of all blessing in the world. These four letters can be arranged in twelve different configurati read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Ubney Korach Lo Metu - The children and students of Korach did not die, and are still here today to make more problems in the communities throughout the world. Money $$$, fame, honor, revenge and thirst for more is the force read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

A famous Mishna in Pirkeh Abot (5:17) distinguishes between two kinds of “Mahloket” (controversy) – one which is “Le’shem Shamayim” (for the sake of Heaven), and one which is not “Le’shem Shamayim.” As an example of the latte read more »
by MidrESHET Hayil

But look at the understanding and willingness to work things out between Aharon HaKohen (who was Ohev Shalom and Rodef Shalom) and his wife, Elisheva. When their baby was born, Elisheva approaches Aharon HaKohen and read more »

At one point in the wilderness, people went to Moshe, and lamented that they were impure at the time the Korban Pesach was offered, and wanted inclusion in the mitzvah. Their feedback was legitimate, and the law of Pesach Sheni was read more »
by Rabbi Naftali Reich

We read in this week's parsha of Korach, the tragic episode of Korach's rebellion against Moshe Rabeinu. Korach was punished in an unprecedented, shocking way, with the ground suddenly opening and swallowing him and his f read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

What is the connection between Korach and Kayin. Could the machloket be averted? What are the lessons we learn from this week's parsha. read more »
By Ariel Bar Tzadok

I admit it, right now from the start, I'm a "good old rebel," a gosh-darn, proud, tried n'true "Grey-coat" Johnny Reb. There you have it! Not only am I darn proud of being a rebel, I believe that it is the moral and civi read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Is there are a connection between Korah & Kayin? Can it be reincarnation. Listen to this audio shiur for great insight. read more »
Midrash of the Week is a weekly d'var Torah by Mrs. Ilana Goldstein Saks, This week: An analysis of Korach’s mocking story in Midrash Tehillim 1. read more »

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