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In a similar vein, a man does not make the blessing שעשני איש the way a woman says שעשני כרצונו – because איש – to truly be a “man” – is what we spend our lives striving towards.

So too with circumcision, the first mitzva a newborn is p read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Audio shiur: Moses instructs the people of Israel: When you enter the land that G‑d is giving to you as your eternal heritage, and you settle it and cultivate it, bring the first-ripened fruits (bikkurim) of your orchard to t read more »
by Rabbi Yosef Kalatsky

If one is experiencing abundance and blessing in his life why does one not do everything within his power to acknowledge and serve Hashem? The answer is - that this is only an indication that the performance of t read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

The parasha insight read more »
Because you did not serve Hashem, your G-d, amid gladness and goodness of heart. (28:47)

Simchah, joy, is the characteristic upon which our Sages have placed great emphasis. Indeed, it is one of the primary tenets upon which the concepts of Chass read more »
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ספר דברים פרק כו

(טז) היום הזה ידוד אלהיך מצוך לעשות את החקים האלה ואת המשפטים ושמרת ועשית אותם בכל לבבך ובכל נפשך:

רש"י על דברים פרק כו פסוק טז

(טז) היום הזה ה' אלהיך מצוך - בכל יום יהיו בעיניך ח read more »
Women's Corner
by Rabbanith Ruth Menashe

Let us look around us and examine the creation of the Al-mighty. Every creation has limits. Every single entity has boundaries. None will penetrate into a domain which doesn't belong to it. For istance: read more »
Today Hashem Giving us a Mitzvot. read more »
Elul 17 5770
August 27,2010
Parasha Ki Tavo/candlelighting 7:19

We learn in the beginning of the Parasha about Bikurim the 1st fruits of Yisrael that a persone. Must bring 2 the cohen in the Mikdash.The Midrash Rabah in Beraishit States read more »
The Weekly Parsha Podcast by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, read more »

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