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Eliezer was Avraham’s faithful attendant and steward. So trusted, that he was sent to find a suitable young woman for his master’s son and heir, Yitzchak. Avraham was a well established figure, presiding over a large community; having d read more »
by Rabbi S. Jarcaig

Immediately prior to his meeting Rivka (Rebecca), "Yitzchak (Isaac) went out to converse in the field toward evening." (Beraishis/Genesis 24:63) Rashi notes that this conversing is a reference to prayer. The Talmud (Brachos read more »
by Rabbi B. Wein

Finding the right mate has always been a complicated and potentially hazardous matter. It remains so today. Just ask any parent in our current society who has marriageable age children and you will, in all probability, read more »
by Rabbi Y. Gefen

In Chayei Sarah we are briefly introduced to the character known as Ephron. His sole 'merit' in being mentioned in the Torah is that he owned the Cave of Machpela that Abraham wanted in order to bury his wife.

The Torah out read more »
by gTorah

Avraham’s ultimate test was Akeidas Yitzchak. It seems the challenge was to overcome his attachment to his son, even though Hashem had said that this very same son would be his heir, the inheritor of Avraham’s covenant.

The Ran expla read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

Video shiur read more »
by Rabbi Yissocher Frand

This terrorist was literally a ticking time bomb. The bomb could be detonated at any minute and the two fellows trying to save him would have been blown to pieces. The bus driver and the medic held the fellow do read more »
by Rabbi Eli Mansour

G-d told Moshe to command the people: "On the first day you shall take the product of hadar trees, branches of palm trees, boughs of leafy trees, and willows of the brook" (Lev. 23:40), and "You shall live in booths seven read more »
In the set of laws pertaining to how sacrifices are conducted, is the set of laws about the Mizbeach – the altar:

אֵשׁ תָּמִיד תּוּקַד עַל הַמִּזְבֵּחַ לֹא תִכְבֶּה – A continuous fire shall burn upon the altar; it shall not go out. (6:6)

This read more »
by Sara Debbie Gutfreund

It happened right before my first exam in college. I opened the small fridge, grabbed a bottle from the package of water that I shared with my roommate and drank it while I was looking over my notes one last tim read more »

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